Community Maker Hub was established as a way to help artisans and creative startups grow without spending a fortune. We know that sometimes even the most talented artists are forced to put their dreams on the back burner because of the cost of equipment. This happens quite often, but we hope to change that. With help from our community and amazing teachers, we aim to provide the tools necessary for anyone to succeed in producing works of art. 

     We focus on 3 main reasons we use art: as therapy, as entertainment and as a business. Art can be therapeutic for those who have suffered a loss or traumatic events. It helps us clear our mind and express ourselves in way words alone can not do. Being surrounded by people who promote positivity and help encourage others is another way our studio helps those who are healing. We also use art as entertainment when we make something that brings us or someone else joy. (Hint: some of the best, most meaningful gifts are hand made). Lastly, some of us use artistic skills for business. Why not take a passion and turn it into a source of income? We will work with members in our business program to help them get the tools they need and discuss their plans with other small business owners who have navigated through business ownership (especially in these wacky times) themselves. 


     There are dozens of ways you can help our local artists. If you or someone you know has a piece of equipment or supplies that is no longer needed, please consider donating. If your skill is in teaching, perhaps you could come lead a class. Not the artsy type? Maybe you’d like to share your expertise in other areas like marketing, accounting and more. Growing a small business is tough work, so let’s show our local artists that the community is here for them.